Kohn Osteopathic Medical Group, an Osteopathic Medical Practice located in McHenry, Illinois

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Kohn Osteopathic Medical Group is a multispecialty Medical Practice combining the best of traditional, evidence-based and complementary medical practices to create an integrative approach to improving health and wellness, healing injury, and treating disease in both adults and children.
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We are offering Sports Physicals for $35 - please call our office to schedule an appointment.

Our Osteopathic Medical Philosophy:
  • The body is able to heal itself and maintain health
  • Each person is a whole unit, comprised of body, mind and spirit
  • Structure and function are interrelated
See our Services page for complete details on all treatments and diagnostic tools used in our Practice.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission at Kohn Osteopathic Medical Group is to make a difference in the lives of others. We help people to help themselves in getting well. We emphasize courage and compassion as we help people get "unstuck" in life. Our standard of care is holistic, integrative and preventative. Please call us today for an appointment.

Our Vision

To create partnerships to promote individual, family, and community whole health.

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