Prolotherapy/Neural Therapy:

The following techniques involve trigger point injections of specific substances to enhance the healing of injured tissues. Prolotherapy is used to heal injured tendons and ligaments. Neural Therapy is used to treat new injuries, scar tissues, and as an applied acupuncture technique.

  • Prolotherapy

    A method of treating loose or weak ligaments by injecting a mildly irritating solution into their attachments to bone. The irritation provokes the body into laying down new ligamentous tissue thereby strengthening the ligaments.  Read More...

  • Neural Therapy

    A method of diagnosing and treating illness and pain caused by disturbances (interference fields) in the body's electrical system. Once found, the disturbance can be treated by the injection of a local anesthetic, which usually prompts a response. Eventually the disturbance can be completely healed through the use of Neural Therapy.  Read More...

  • Platelet-Rich Plasma

    Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) may stimulate natural healing with an ingredient from your blood called "platelets."
    PRP is a concentrated solution of your platelets that may be applied to wounds or injuries.
    PRP is produced from a small sample of your blood using an advanced centrifuge that spins and separates blood components using precision separation technology.

    How do platelets enhance healing?
    Platelets are crucial to the healing of injuries. They're rich in growth factors that have regenerative capacity and stimulate healing.
    Platelets also travel in the blood and are generally the first to arrive at the injury site.
    During the natural healing process, growth factors released from the platelets help attract other repair cells, which allows normal healing to take place.